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Thank you!

Thank you to the Carolina community for your outpouring of support and blood at the 28th annual Carolina Blood Drive. Because of your generosity, this year’s blood drive collected a goal-breaking 842 pints of lifesaving blood. These 842 pints helped UNC top 25,000 pints collected since 1988.

We could not have done this without you. We are so grateful for people like first-time donor Jason Athavale (and the youngest donor of the day at 16 years old), Provost Jim Dean, Sergeant James David of UNC’s Department of Public Safety, and the many UNC students, faculty and staff who gave blood. Your gift of blood means everything to those in need of blood donations like Robin Cyr, associate vice chancellor for research compliance, and Superior Court Judge Carl Fox.

“I have donated blood, but never thought I would need blood,” Fox said to a crowd of blood donors at the Smith Center during the drive. “I am here to say thank you because the blood from people like you kept me alive.”

UNC – Chapel Hill has partnered with the Red Cross for more than 25 years on lifesaving blood drives. The impact that results from student and community participation for these blood drives is invaluable. And because each pint of blood can help save up to three lives, the impact of these donations is far greater.
Thank you, too, to the more than 75 volunteers who gave more than 300 volunteer hours and more than 200 Red Cross staff members who made the blood drive a smooth and positive experience for donors.

“Every day, the Red Cross needs about 800 donations to meet the needs of about 100 regional hospitals in the Carolinas region,” said Krystal Overmyer, Red Cross spokesperson. “The fact that UNC donors gave well over that amount yesterday is proof of the generous spirit of UNC community and its commitment to making a difference. The pints donated are especially appreciated during this challenging summer period, a time when we often struggle to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. We are extremely grateful for the entire UNC community for supporting our mission of helping save lives.”

Jim Fuller
2016 Carolina Blood Drive committee chair
On behalf of the Carolina Blood Drive committee and UNC Employee Forum